FlashAcademy Glossary

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FlashAcademy Glossary

Here you will find all things FlashAcademy and their meanings. If you have any further questions or suggestions to add to our glossary, please email our friendly team on support@flashacademy.com.


Administrator: This teacher role allows access to adding/removing students and teachers, creating classes, setting tasks and assessments. You can access all features on the FlashAcademy Teacher Dashboard with admin rights.

Flashcard: The Flashcards cover the vocabulary that students will learn in the lesson. Each word has an icon, audio, and a video to help with pronunciation; some have been put into sentences for more context. Any grammar, vocabulary, or culture tips that appear in the lesson can also be found here.

Full-Access: As a Full-Access teacher, you can see the classes that you have been assigned to by an Admin. You can set tasks and assessments and reset student passwords, but you cannot add/remove students from the Teacher Dashboard.

Games: Games are not a mandatory part of FlashAcademy, but they are available to students after they have completed 2 lessons in a category. These are word games based on the vocabulary learnt in the completed lessons.

Home Language: Students can learn English from their home language when selecting their language pathway on logging in. If we don't currently offer a student's home language or they are non-literate, select the English to English language pathway.

Lesson: Lessons contain different challenges to help students learn vocabulary whilst also developing their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.

Limited-Access: As a Limited-Access teacher, you can only view the information of students who have been assigned to you by an Administrator. 

Object Translator: FlashAcademy’s Object Translator is a feature available on the installed version of our app on mobile devices. It allows you to take a photo of an object and generates a translation of that object.

WebApp: Our WebApp is the version of our app that is used on a browser, it can be accessed at web.flashacademy.com and we recommend Google Chrome for best performance.

XP points: XP points are the points earned through the completion of lessons and games in the FlashAcademy App. A student can earn a maximum of 1000XP points per lesson.


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