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Steps to ensure FlashAcademy runs smoothly on your devices.


  • Ensure the IT team in school have performed a whitelisting process to avoid the platform being blocked by any firewalls. You can find out which domains need to be whitelisted in our Technical Guide.


  • Please ensure that the FlashAcademy app has been granted device permissions. These include camera and microphone (and storage for Android devices).
  • Ensure that devices have up to date operating systems and are running an up to date version of the FlashAcademy app.

Login details/Resetting passwords

  • Sometimes, pupils may struggle to log in because of lost or misplaced login credentials. You can access usernames through the Teacher Dashboard > User Admin > Students. Whilst passwords aren't stored in the Teacher Dashboard, you can reset pupil passwords following these steps.

Clearing cache

  • When using FlashAcademy's Web App or Teacher Dashboard on a laptop or PC, it is a good idea to clear cache to avoid browser errors and speed up loading time. Just follow these steps!

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