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There are many ways in which you can use FlashAcademy in the classroom. The following outlines a simple way in which your students can log in and complete their first lesson(s) whilst you track progress.

Note: In advance of the lesson, students must be set up with accounts and organised into a class in order to set a lesson.

To start, log in to your Teacher Dashboard account (

Next, select Live Dashboard to access your class leaderboard. Use the dropdown menu on the far right to select your Class. Once selected, share your screen to your classroom display (board, projector, interactive screen).

Next, ask students to log in to FlashAcademy, making sure to select the same language as you are running your lesson in.

TIP: You can differentiate work by setting assignments prior to the lesson.

The Live Dashboard will track progress and announce achievements to the room.

Once students are logged in, set a time limit for the exercise (e.g. 20 minutes) and guide your students to the lessons/games you have set.

At the end of the allocated time have students put down their devices and review the leaderboard.

TIP: Consider awarding house-points or stickers/certificates to those who have performed well.

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