Completing & Reviewing a Lesson

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Students can access learning in FlashAcademy at any time. The following information will show you how to guide them to a lesson, how to start the lesson, and how to review it once complete.

Note: You can only review lessons that have been completed.

Open the FlashAcademy app and log in. Scroll down the homepage and tap to select the chosen category.

Next, select the lesson you wish to complete by select Begin, followed by Start Lesson.

You will see the first flashcard in the lesson. To continue select Next.

Students then work through a series of challenges by selecting their answer followed by Continue.

Once all challenges are complete, students will see the Lesson Completed screen. This will display an accuracy percentage and the XP awarded to them.

To complete the lesson, select Continue. This will return you to the category screen.

To REVIEW a lesson, select Review on a lesson that has previously been completed. The lesson will display the previous score. (e.g. 88%).

Lessons can be repeated as many times as needed, and pupils can see their accuracy score each time.

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