Marking an Assessment

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Open the Teacher Dashboard and go to the Assessments tab.


Next, select My Assessments. Here you will see a list of any assessment ready to be marked.


Once a pupil has begun working through each skill area, the grey skill icons will turn green. Once all are green, the assessment can be marked. To begin marking an assessment, select Mark next to the one you wish to choose.


This will take you to the Listening section, which will have been auto-marked for you.

If you are happy with the predicted grade, select Confirm. If you wish to give the student a different grade, you can manually overwrite the predicted grade. To do this, change the grade and select Confirm.


Repeat the above process for the Reading section.


For the Speaking section, you can review student answers by selecting the play button under each question. Once you have reviewed all the answers, manually select the grade you wish to give your student and select Confirm.


Repeat this above process for the Writing section.


Once you have completed the assessment for each section, you will be taken to a summary report, with the grade from each section. You can manually overwrite any grade by clicking the Edit button next to the section. You can also add Additional Comments at the bottom of the summary if you would like to give your student further feedback or instruction.


Once you are happy to progress and finalise the assessment, select Confirm.


This report will then move to the Past Assessments section of your FlashAcademy platform, where you can review it at any time.

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